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By Lanita Maeon November 23, 2016

I am a Huge user of Essential Oils and believe in their uses. So when I saw this product, without DEET, I was compelled to give them a try.
To say that I am happy with my purchase is an understaement.
This came right before our family camping outing and small enough to put in my overnight case. (Fit great in my purse as well.)
As night fell, and campfire was being lit, I went around with the patches. Hopefully these would prevent the bug buffet that seemed to always happen on our outings.
5 adults and one very active 5 year old had activated the patches. (I placed the patch on the back of my 5 year old so he couldn’t get to it.) Now the wait was on…
I thought the smell was nice and not overpowering. No one else complained abount the scent either.
All I can say is that It Worked!
We enjoyed several nights of campfires without bites.
It is now my official job to make sure we have these patches for family outtings.
I received 36 patches for the price. Great value for the money in my humble opinion.
By Cassandraon November 11, 2016

These patches are seriously legit. I had originally been using a citronella candle, but they never worked well for me. I was still getting eaten alive my mosquitos, as if I was a buffet. I pretty much stopped spending time outside due to how bad it was getting. I saw these, thought what the heck I’ll try them out. Surprise surprise, they actually work!
They’re super easy to use. You just unpeel a square from the batch, squish it to release the scent and stick it on your shirt or jacket or even a stroller. I put them on the lid of my son’s carseat when it’s on the stroller for walks and it keeps the blood suckers away. I typically put them on the back of my shoulder so my son doesn’t rub his face on it when I’m holding him. I actually like the way it smells, and one single patch does last for hours. Long enough for me to get a bunch of work done outside on various projects, or to go for a walk without getting my legs and arms all eaten up.
Oh and these are DEET free, so they are definitely safe for kids.
By Nickon November 16, 2016

Wow these mosquito repellent patches work nicely.
It’s hard to find a mosquito repellent that is all natural but HawaiiPharma has done it. It’s not too strong smelling but does the trick.
I recommend the Hawaii Pharma Mosquito Repllent Patch for your outdoor needs.
If you have any questions about this product don’t be afraid to ask.
Take care and enjoy!
By kma_21on November 20, 2016

I am allergic to deet so these patches were perfect. I used them during my vacation and they worked great and kept the mosquitoes away
I also used them around the condo instead of leaving a citronella candle burning. Would recommend highly
By daveon November 8, 2016

I go camping every weekend and constantly get eaten alive by mosquito’s until now! After using these for only one weekend I was hooked! I have never been so pleased! I was bite free after camping this weekend and so happy I got these.
By Lisaon November 10, 2016

Well, Ive only used them once, and they worked. I was out at the river fishing with the hubby and didn’t get bit. However, I’m very disappointed with this product, since I was expecting three and only received one.
By Alexison December 3, 2016

Seems to work, haven’t gotten bitten while wearing it, so if say that’s a gold sign.

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