We all know current trends are smoothies, greek yogurt and functional food with medical benefits but...

What is The Next
Big Thing?

High Protein | Zero Fat | Low Carb | Low-Cal | Low Sugar | High Calcium

  • Premium protein fuel to keep you going
  • Helps you keep a healthy metabolic rate by keeping you full longer
  • Great source of calcium
  • Contains all essential amino acids and branch chain amino acids.**
  • Developed and formulated by a Registered Pharmacist.
  • “The Best Desk Lunch” for busy professionals!

    Next Gen Products with “Functional Foods”
    Greek Yogurt Smoothie Mix:

  • Avocado and red tomatoes
  • Pomegranate, Guava and passion Fruit,
  • Kale, Ginger and Wheat Grass
  • Coconut Water Powder, Mango, Pineapple
  • Dill Pickle, Strawberry, Green Tea
  • Cheese Cake Flavor,
  • Vegan Blend: Kick® with NO Greek Yogurt, made with kale, chia, quinoa, ginger and green tea

    Kick® Greek Yogurt Smoothie Mix is the healthiest “Functional Food” itself, as greek yogurt, loaded with high protein, calcium, for the values described above.**

    Kick® Greek Yogurt Smoothie mix is
    simply better protein than whey and pea protein.

    As per new research by food industry: “New generation of weekend warrior, Millennials and active baby Boomers are turning to sports performance, energy and recovery foods and smoothies.”
    Kick® Greek Yogurt Smoothie Mix is also for people who are already using greek yogurt protein but want total flexibility.

    1st Product of this kind developed ever! No competition yet!

    “The Premium Protein Powder”
    To energize your day & Keep you full longer