Kick® Greek Yogurt Powder for Post Workout and Sports Recovery
Kick® Help repair muscles*, built muscles*, maintain healthy skin and bones* and helps in Weight management and weight loss*.

Kick® is a 100% natural Greek Yogurt dietary supplement, with whopping 25grams of Protein, Zero Fat, Only 10grams of Sugars, Only 153 Calories!

Kick® is Simply Better Protein then Whey Protein & other kind of Proteins!

Kick® is Premium Post Workout Protein without Preservatives, no added Chemicals, no added Sugars, Caffeine Free, Stimulant Free, Creatine Free, Heavy Metals Free for Healthy Living and Enjoy the Life.

Kick® is Great for Vegetarian and Vegan too.

Kick® is developed by Registered Pharmacist Roger Naik to promote healthy living.