Cieotrim has an active ingredient resistant maltodextrin(RMD). Carbohydrates and sugar taken in from food are broken down into glucose inside the body. They are absorbed by the small intestine and sent to the liver. It is known that the action of restintant maltodextrin(RMD), slows the speed with which the sugar is absorbed in the small intestine and it suppresses the rise of blood sugar after eating. Resistant maltodextrin once taken, is not absorbed in the body.

Cieotrim help suppresses blood glucose evaluation after meals and helps reduce serum lipids. When ingested repeatedly, Cieotrim helps reduce after-meal hyperglycemia and helps reduce excessive insulin secretion, therefore helping maintain carb and lipid metabolism as well as helping suppress fat accumulation.

Japan:Cieotrim, resistant maltodextrin is classified as FOSHU(Food for Specified Health Uses) by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan.